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December 2017

A prestigious reference for our CFD experts!

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After the military port of Toulon, those of Île Longue and Brest will be equipped with the new nuclear monitoring system of the French Navy (2SNM).

Military port of Toulon (source :

The CAPGEMINI / BERTIN TECHNOLOGIES-SAPHYMO consortium, in which NUMTECH is subcontractor, was chosen for the tender relating to the review of the nuclear monitoring and crisis management system of the French Navy, called 2SNM.

Following the deployment of 2SNM over the port of Toulon, the French Navy has just launched the implementation of the system over Île Longue and Brest for an operational functioning in 2018. 2019 will be the year of the installation over the Cherbourg arsenal.

In this major project, NUMTECH brings its recognized expertise on the "atmospheric dispersion" part  through the following tasks:
- designing and building of the computation engine of the information and decision support system (SIAD) on the basis of the CFD calculation code, Code_Saturne, fluid mechanics software (CFD), whose development of calculation modules of radiological dose rates;
- modelling of the four arsenals and deployment of the system over them;
- support, training and maintenance of the system.

Furthermore, the "alarm mode" of the SIAD was designed to correct emissions from detected accidents by assimilation of measures collected by radiological sensors deployed on site.

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