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July 2020

Report'Air, to standardize your sensor data

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A new software for environmental reporting, provided in SaaS mode.

Report'Air is our new online tool for measures reporting. It automatically collects and stores your sensor data (instantaneous monitoring, reporting over the periods of your choice, alerts by email or text message, data availability rate, etc.) on an easily accessible web page. Thus, you have online, by source, by unit or by production line, a global vision of the sustainable functioning of your site.

With Report’Air, you have a sole visualization tool for all your sensors (emission analysers, flows, sensors in the environment, weather, etc.)!

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Août 2020

Votre nouvel outil en ligne de reporting de nuisances olfactives.
Juillet 2020

La référence des systèmes de surveillance de la qualité de l’air pour les sites industriels.