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January 2024

The input data for your modelling

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Practical and cost-effective, quick service and advice in addition!

Created to drive the main atmospheric dispersion models, the DAD environmental data mainly concern meteorology (precipitation, temperature, wind, etc.), relief and roughness.

Practical, these data are directly provided in the format of the dispersion model of your choice (ADMS, AERMOD, ARIA IMPACT, etc.). They do not require any manipulation on your part.

We favor measured data when they are representative of your study site, but we can also provide simulated data if the measuring stations are too far away. In addition, when the rate of missing measured data is too high, we supplement it with simulated data, in order to guarantee the representativeness of your modeling.

Cost-effective, their price are always the best we can offer and loyalty offers are proposed.

Our customers’ loyalty is also due to our quick service in the treatment of their requests and to the advices that our experts can give.

NUMTECH thanks its customers for their confidence!


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