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July 2020


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The reference of air quality monitoring systems for industrial sites.

We are moving forward in the presentation of our digital tools for protecting the planet, which began with Report’Air®, a reporting tool for your sensor data.

Today, we are putting the spotlight on Plum’Air®, our software system for monitoring and forecasting industrial air emissions and their impact on the environment, health and well-being (particularly odor nuisance).

Management tool for your industrial plants, Plum'Air® allows:

  • to monitor in real time the dispersion of your atmospheric emissions;
  • an alert and / or an adaptation of your activity according to dispersion conditions thanks to a forecast mode;
  • to launch alternative emission scenarios;
  • to launch an accidental mode;
  • an automatic reporting (daily, monthly, annual, etc.);
  • to automatically integrate many sensors at the emission or in the environment (Gill, Davis, Delta T, Rubix RQBox, Ecomesure EcomBox, Cairpol, Microtronics, Green Citizen Hummbox, etc.),
  • to interact with Report’Air® to which it is coupled.

Deployed in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, our Plum'Air® systems help to better protect our ecosystems.

And you, when do you take the plunge?

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Août 2020

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La référence des systèmes de surveillance de la qualité de l’air pour les sites industriels.